artist statement

Faded Memories


I left Cuba when I was nine years old and this has influenced me in creating these paintings. What I remember of Cuba comes from old black and white photographs and my own recollection. I have not been back to my homeland since 1980.  The only way I have seen the Cuba of today has been through images from the internet. Just like photographs get old and fade, these memories will also one day disappear. 

My artwork is figurative with a strong sense of narration. My paintings incorporate overlapping components of different size papers, canvas pieces, fabric, and wood. The process reminds me of old clothes and objects patched up and utilized, instead of discarding them. This is the reality of the Cuban people due to their harsh economic situation they are forced to restore. It also symbolizes how different events shape our lives. The stapling in some of the pieces represent stitches and the scars of the past. The backgrounds of my paintings are filled with holes, peeling paint, cracks, and different shades of gray and white. This is a reminder of the deplorable shape Cuba is in. The distressed walls show pain and abandonment. If walls could talk, they would also tell a story. 

My black and white paintings are poetic in nature. They exhibit images from my own life and recollections of Cuba. Most of these paintings are created using black and white paint. Some of the black and white images have been painted on top of other images, just like graffiti is layered on walls